PRO SHOT® Industrial Re-Newing Floor Restorer & Finish


PRO SHOT® Floor Restorer & Finish restores the shine to most sealed floors in one easy application.

PRO SHOT® Floor Restorer is Underwriters Laboratory, Inc (UL) listed as to slip resistance.

Try PRO SHOT® today and discover why millions of bottles have already been sold.


PRO SHOT® Industrial Re-Newing Floor Restorer & Finish

PRO SHOT® Industrial Re-Newing Floor Restorer & Finish has been featured and sold on television, featured on the front and back covers of popular home magazines, been number one in its category in the most popular online marketplaces, and is now available direct from Pro Shot Corporation.

PRO SHOT® Floor Restorer & Finish restores the shine to most sealed floors in one easy application.

PRO SHOT® Floor Restorer is Underwriters Laboratory, Inc (UL) listed as to slip resistance.

PRO SHOT® Floor Restorer helps cover surface scratches, and helps protect floors from further damage from coffee stains,  tea stains, black heel marks, and more. There’s no yellowing and no wax buildup. PRO SHOT® dries with a clear brilliant shine.

Works on sealed hardwood, laminates, vinyl, no-wax, linoleum, bamboo, slate, flagstone, tile, and most other sealed and non-porous floors.

This product is not a dangerous substance or mixture according to the (GHS) Globally Harmonized system of classification and labeling of chemicals.

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32 ounces $19.95, one gallon $69.95

How to Prepare Floor

How to Prepare Floor for PRO SHOT® Floor Restorer

1. Remove everything from the floor in the room you are going to refinish or restore.

2. If necessary, remove all previous products per the manufacturer’s directions. Especially waxes, oils, and oil soap products.

3. Sweep or vacuum the floor to remove all dust, dirt, hair and debris. Repeat if necessary.

Do not apply PRO SHOT® over wax, oil, oil soaps, or any other cleaning products.

Do not use other products on top of or to clean PRO SHOT® Floor Restorer & Finish.

4. Clean the floor with a damp sponge mop (not dripping wet) and water only. Keep the floor as dry as possible.

5. Floor should be clean and 100% dry before continuing. Do not apply PRO SHOT® to a wet or damp floor. Floor must be completely dry.

How to Apply PRO SHOT® Floor Restorer

Applying PRO SHOT®

1. Pour PRO SHOT® directly to clean dry floor.

2. Gently place a new (smooth bottom) sponge mop into the liquid and let it absorb. Do not apply any pressure on the mop. Gently glide the sponge mop back and forth and keep moving along. Repeat this process and work your way to the door leading out of the room.

Do not apply pressure to help prevent air bubbles.

Do not leave any puddles. Spread PRO SHOT® evenly.

Do not work PRO SHOT® into the floor. Gently glide the mop back and forth and keep moving along.

Do not use a string mop to apply or streaking will occur.

Note: If you notice you did not apply PRO SHOT® evenly (i.e. you see puddles, you missed an area, etc.), do not go back over the area to try and fix it. Instead, let PRO SHOT® dry completely and apply a second coat, but only after the first coat has dried completely. If you try to fix mistakes while it is still wet, streaking or clouding may occur.

Note: Give new floors plenty of time to settle. In some cases, a full year or more may be required. Always check with the floor manufacturer before using any new product on their floor. Some flooring manufacturers don’t recommend using any type of products on their floors.

Note: If you are using PRO SHOT® Floor Restorer on wood floors be sure the floor is sealed properly before applying PRO SHOT®. Some wood floors may require screening or sanding for proper adhesion or removal. Do not use on porous type floors (unsealed wood, marble, grout, etc.).

How to Maintain PRO SHOT® Floor Restorer

Maintaining PRO SHOT®

Regularly sweep floors with a soft broom or dry mop to keep dirt and grit to a minimum.

Wipe up spills immediately (blot dry). Do not rub vigorously.

Always keep floor dry.

Clean floor with a damp sponge mop and water (not dripping wet). Use only water or a very small amount of mild dish soap mixed with water.

For deeper cleaning, use PRO SHOT® Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner. An EPA Safer Choice, neutral, no-rinse cleaner that will not dull or harm the existing floor finish. The recommended cleaner for all PRO SHOT® Finishes.

Note: Some store bought cleaners will damage water-based finishes.

Keep a rug or mat by sinks, bathtubs, or anywhere else PRO SHOT® can get wet. If the floor does get wet be sure to blot it dry immediately. Always keep floor dry.

Use furniture protection pads on furniture, chairs, etc. or better yet, lift chairs when moving them to help prevent scuff marks, etc.

Note: PRO SHOT®Floor Restorer & Finish is a water-based finish, so it needs to stay dry. Always keep the floor as dry as possible. This includes wiping your feet or your pets feet when coming in from outside, etc.

Removing PRO SHOT®

PRO SHOT® is a water-based polymer blend finish. You can completely remove PRO SHOT® with an alkaline cleaner or a floor stripper specifically designed to remove a water-based polymer finish.


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